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Babies Adoption Pack
Babies Adoption Pack
Babies Adoption Pack
Babies Adoption Pack

Babies Adoption Pack


Adopt Trentham’s Babies!

Our babies are born in late spring/early summer and every birth is magical because devastatingly there are now less than 8,000 Barbary macaques in the wild.

Unfortunately, it is not only our monkeys fighting a losing battle, 75% of the world's primates are declining in numbers and the longer we leave it, the higher this percentage will increase. 

Due to this sad situation, we have launched a BRAND-NEW ADOPTION PACK with some of the proceeds going directly towards VITAL primate conservation & research.

From just £49 you can get the perfect gift for the primate lover in your life whilst also ACTIVELY PROTECTING ALL PRIMATES!

By purchasing one of our adoption packs you will become a real-life primate superhero and receive:

  • Gorgeous cuddly toy
  • Two tickets (any age) to Trentham Monkey Forest to come and see the babies you have adopted!
  • Beautiful legacy leaf to hang on our conservation tree at Monkey Forest - leaving your own legacy at the park  *When we re-open in February 2022*
  • Postcard with a picture of a beautiful baby
  • Thank you letter from the Park Director
  • Monkey Forest Lanyard
  • Monkey Forest Pen
  • A contribution towards Primate Conservation & Research (helping all primates to fight extinction)

* Postage is included in the price *